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HUNTER-GATHERER-SNUGGLER by The Independant Sunday - March 6th 2005

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Is your mind an art gallery or a porn cinema?
Maybe it's like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow . The architect went away and the builders built it the wrong way round. So along the main road you've got what was supposed to be the back. If you go round the other side it blows you away. So my mind is like an art gallery, but a bit back to front.

What is the soundtrack to your life right now?
I'm a bit behind the times - still Damien Rice's O and his new B-sides album as well. Also the Team America soundtrack, which I love.

Who should play you in the Hollywood version of your life? And who would be your nemesis in the final reel?
Antony Sher. Basically because I'd just like to see him go head to head with Simon Russell Beale in the last reel. Yeah man, I think that would be good fun because they're such luvvies and I've probably got a bit of a tendency to be a luvvie as well.

What's the most fashionable thing you own?
I'd say my black velvet Burberry suit.

And the most unfashionable ?
Probably my Celtic football tops. I have the black away strip and I have the green third strip which I wear at my five-a-side Sunday football.

Are you cool yourself?
Well, I'm quite cool with myself. But I know that as soon as I have to be cool for anybody else I would fail miserably. Nobody would ever see me walking down the street and think what a cool dude . But it's interesting how close the line is between someone who is regarded as a total *****.

What do you cling on from childhood?
A humungous all-encompassing passion for sci-fi: films, books, art, memorabilia - I'm a proper addict. It dates from when I read The Lord of the Rings at 11, and after that I read Frank Herbert's Dune chronicles and watched things like Star Trek. I've acted in sci-fi twice: I played one of my favourite characters in the American mini-series of Children of Dune. And I've just played Mr Tumnus in The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe - he's another of my favourite characters.

Do you have an ideal alternative job?
I'd like to be a warden in a National Park somewhere like Snowdonia. I love a bit of hiking and camping and chopping up wood and all that.

Do you have a hole in your cultural life?
I don't sing enough. I love singing - choral music, pub singalongs, everything. I don't mean karaokes, by the way; that is a gaping hole in my cultural life that I'm glad is there.

What painting or work of art most corresponds with your vision of yourself?
My favourite painting is of a couple under a patchwork quilt and the woman is snuggling up to the man. It's painted from up high, where the mirror would be if you had one on your ceiling. There's something about the companionship of those two - they're just melting into each other.

What was your cultural passion at 14?
Playing my bass guitar with a school band. I thought I was a bit of a rocker.

Do you like parties?
If it's an end-of-film party I generally don't go, because it's so difficult. You become very close to these people and I don't want their last memory to be of me on a sticky floor, on my back, with a black eye because I've got in a fight. But house parties are good.

Which song/ book/play do you wish you'd written?
I wish I' d written The Goonies. It's a great film by Richard Donner about a group of kids in America whose houses are going to be demolished. I can't help but cry my eyes out when I see it. I would be so proud if I'd written that. It's the business. You die and go to heaven.

Who would you most like to meet and what would you ask them?
Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. And I'd ask them: was it worth putting that much time and effort into being so shocking?

Which building would you like to tear down?
Maybe the Kelvingrove Art Gallery . And then I'd build it again the right way round.

James McAvoy is appearing in `Breathing Corpses': Royal Court Upstairs, London SW3 (020 7565 5000), to 26 March.

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